Chiang MaiDownhill Trip


(USD) per person

The Half Day Kayak Tour is one of the most popular kayak tours we offer. The kayak route is in an area best known for whale watching and wildlife encounters. Departing from a small pocket beach the kayak tour traverses dense kelp beds and rocky outcrops and past the iconic Lime Kiln Lighthouse.

Why Choose Discovery Sea Kayaks For Your Kayak Tour

  • Quality Guides: All guides complete an in-house kayak skills training, as well as a seasonal training course with top professionals in the field. Guides also participate in naturalist workshops and certification class at the local Whale Museum which ensures they know how to operate accordingly around killer whales and other wildlife.
  • Gear: We offer more gear than other operators to ensure you have all you need for a day of paddling. Dry Bags, Paddle Top and Pants, Fiberglass Kayaks and Washington-made Werner Paddles.
  • Our fiberglass tandem kayaks have been selected for stability, performance and comfort. From calm seas to wind chop, the kayak will perform perfectly.
  • West Side of San Juan Island paddle routes. Best routes for wildlife viewing.

Gear we provide

  • Quality Fiberglass Kayaks (Fiberglass kayaks are superior in performance and comfort)
  • Waterproof Paddle Tops and Pants
  • Dry Bags
  • Werner Paddles (Paddles made in Washington State)
  • Spray Skirts
  • PFD’s (Life Vest)

Travel companion

 You can’t just run off to Thailand without them though, right?
No worries! We’ve got your back.
We can hook them up with a company that runs custom day tours in and around Chiang Mai no matter what they are interested in seeing while you are off trying to refrain from finding out what Teak tastes like.

How to Reserve:

  • 6 nights of accommodations
  • Guided Services (on and off the mountain)
  • Shuttle rides on the mountain
  • Ground transportation