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South Island Tour

San Juan Island civilization was literally born on the island’s south end, where for thousands of years American Indian and First Nations peoples hunted the prairies and uplands, gathered edible plants and fished the extensive Salmon Bank that gives onto the Strait of Juan de Fuca. This is where the Hudson’s Bay Company elected to establish their agricultural plantation, Belle Vue Sheep Farm, which was promptly challenged by U.S. citizens on the mainland. The result was the Pig War, the best-known event in island history and the reason why the National Park Service unit there is called “American Camp.” Following the12-year joint occupation of the island by the United States and Great Britain, farmers arrived and then fishermen (who still ply the Salmon Bank every summer). It was also here that the island’s first town was born.

Join historian and retired park ranger Mike Vouri in a walk through history as he explores each phase through prairie saltwater shoreline and old-growth forest interspersed by some of the most spectacular vistas in the Pacific Northwest. Sturdy walking shoes, a sunhat and water are musts (make that stocking caps, fleeces and rain jackets in the spring).

Price: 90.00 per person plus tax.

Duration: 3 Hours

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Young Hill and English Camp

The Royal Navy did not have stunning views and the serenity of cedar forests in mind when “Westcott Creek” on the north end of San Juan Island was selected as the site of the Royal Marine garrison during the joint military occupation of San Juan Island. They were taken by protected anchorage of the “creek” (now called Garrison Bay), the abundance of fresh water and the defensible position. While the latter attributes served them well over the 12-year occupation (1860-1872), visitors were nonetheless struck by the majesty of the setting. Winding trails (some rock-lined) meandered the hillsides through stands of Douglas fir, Western Red Cedar and Pacific Madrone all the way to the 650-foot summit of Young Hill where the marines were inspired enough to build a gazebo for summer sunsets.

Follow those trails with historian and retired National Park Service ranger Mike Vouri as he provides a colorful overview of Royal Marine and British colonial history while hiking through the Young Hill and Mitchell Hill trail network. Sturdy walking shoes, a sunhat and water are musts (make that stocking caps, fleeces and rain jackets in the spring).

Price: 90.00 per person plus tax.

Duration: 3 Hours

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Mike Vouri
Mike Vouri is a historian and trail guide who resides on San Juan Island.  He is the author of The Pig War: Standoff at Griffin Bay and Outpost of Empire: The Royal Marines and the Joint Occupation of San Juan Island,Images of America:The Pig War, Friday Harbor and San Juan Island. In 2015, Vouri retired from the National Park Service after 21 years as interpreter and historian, including 12 years as chief of interpretation for San Juan Island National Historical Park. He also has worked as a curator of history for a region museum, a reporter and editor for weekly and daily newspapers and has published numerous articles on topics and issues related to Pacific Northwest history. He is a Vietnam veteran (1968-69).


Why Choose Discovery Adventure Tours For Your Hiking Adveture

  • Opportunity to hike San Juan Islands most beautiful National Parks with a renowned historian.
  • Choose between the South Island Hiking Tour and the North Island Hiking Tour or package them together for a full day of exploration.

What to Bring

  • Comfortable and supportive footwear. Preferable a light hiking boot.
  • Small Backpack with water bottle and snack.
  • Binoculars
  • Camera
  • Sunscreen, Sunglasses and Hat
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